Continued Success

with EDGE Creative Services: A Four-Year

Tougaloo College’s journey with EDGE Creative Services has been marked by exceptional quality, reliability, outstanding customer service, and rapid turnaround times. Since the inception of our partnership, Tougaloo College has experienced unparalleled support in elevating its branding and event promotion efforts, leading to continued success and growth.

Quality and Innovation:

From the outset, EDGE Creative Services demonstrated a commitment to delivering top-notch design solutions that align with Tougaloo College’s unique vision and values. The quality of design work produced by the EDGE team consistently exceeded expectations, showcasing creativity and innovation in every project.

Reliability and Consistency:

Tougaloo College relies on EDGE for its reliability and consistency in design delivery. Over the past four years, EDGE has maintained a stellar track record of meeting deadlines and accommodating urgent requests without compromising on quality. This reliability has been instrumental in ensuring the smooth execution of numerous college events and initiatives.

Exceptional Customer Service:

The relationship between Tougaloo College and EDGE is characterized by exceptional customer service. The EDGE team goes above and beyond to understand the college’s needs, providing personalized attention and proactive support throughout the design process. Their responsiveness and dedication to client satisfaction have strengthened the partnership over time.

Quick Turnaround Times:

EDGE’s quick turnaround times have been a game-changer for Tougaloo College. In the fast-paced environment of event planning and promotion, the ability to obtain highquality design assets promptly has been invaluable. EDGE consistently delivers designs within tight deadlines, enabling the college to stay agile and responsive in its marketing efforts.

Long-Term Partnership:

Tougaloo College’s satisfaction with EDGE Creative Services is evident in the longevity of our partnership. As we enter our fourth year of collaboration, the college remains confident in EDGE’s ability to support its evolving design needs. The ongoing success of this partnership speaks volumes about the value that EDGE brings to our institution.

In conclusion,

Tougaloo College’s four-year journey with EDGE Creative Services has been characterized by mutual trust, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence. As we continue to leverage EDGE’s expertise in graphic design, we look forward to achieving new milestones and creating impactful experiences for our college community. Together, we are redefining what is possible in higher education marketing and communications, one design project at a time.

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